Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday BBQ w/ Circa95, The ReMinders and some serious dancing!

So on Sunday, May 16th.. the weather was extremely nice and it just happened to be that our good friends The ReMinders were in town from Denver. That's our peoples right there, so it was only right that we host them at The RDAC BX for a South Bronx style welcome/ kickin-it session/ BBQ. So like they do every other Sunday, Rephstar and Patty Dukes A.K.A. Circa95 were also doing their livestream internet radio/tv show on www.circa95.com , so we knew we had the components for a great time.

The Day actually got off to an early start as El Lucho Sigue showed up with some carne asada and came to kick it before noon to watch the Chile- Mexico pre World Cup warm up. Carlitos, RodStarz and G1 cheered for Chile and Lucho seemd to be alone, until Jay, who's Puerto Rican, shows up screaming in a Mexico jersey. Turns out Lucho invited him to a Mexico vs Ecuador game last week and the crowd loved him so much they bought him a Mexico jersey. The homey is a riot. So Mexico won 1-0, after a lucky toekick goal, and it was time for The Circa 95 Show.
The special guests for The Circa 95 Show were 8 and 9 Clothing, Luis Colon and Nick Howard of My Sneaker Apps, The ReMinders and Dama Nillz.The show went great as we leanred about a dope new clothing company. a fresh new app for all the sneakerheads out there, and a dope female mc. The energy from the show was definitely in the air as all the guests hung out for a while and kicked it...as folks trickled in.
We were especially happy to welcome Christie and PopMaster Fabel, and their cool friend. They do the dope old school park jams at Crotona Park, Fabel is working on a dope new movie about the gangs in Harlem from back in the day, and we love and admire them as people. Also Christie brought over some super bomb Apple Crumb Cake which everybody loved. You can peep their work at www.toolsofwar.com Also in the house were our comrades from El Salvador Los Reyes del Bajo Mundo, Alexplosivo de Chile via Queens, Lopez Victoria de Toronto via Peru, RDAC BX family; Bliz, Rela, Chris Diaz, Claudia De La Cruz ( who took the dope pics you see) , Cheebie and the homies from Castle Hill and many more friends.
After some good burgers,tacos, shrimp kabobs, bbq chicken and turkey burgers we were treated to an exclusive private show from The ReMinders. I first met this crew at a IMAN Community Cafe event in Harlem that Christie Z put me onto. While i went to see Brother Ali, I came home talkin bout The ReMinders and this dope jam they had called Black Roses. Well we connected and kept missing each other across the country in Chicago and New York. We recently touched base with them again in Denver and found out they would be in NY. Aja Black, Big Samir and their 2 beautiful little ones owned the stage! They had the crowd rockin and everyone boppin their heads with that fists and hands in the air status. Aja Black's got the ill voice and kills it on the mic as hard as any MC out, while Big Samir's flow is fresh and his lyrics hit home. Their topics range from love, family to just being happy in a better tomorrow. Our type of music. The highlight for me was when they rocked Black Roses and their little ones were on stage dancing. But truthfully every song they had was dope. The energy at RDAC BX was thru the roof. After like 2 encores, The Reminders left the stage, but they left it in flames.

To hear their music and buy it, go to : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/reminders

The BBQ continued and PopMaster Fabel took over the IPOD Dj position and had the crowd rockin to some classics. He even played some old school jams from The Ghetto Brothers, a band that was also a local gang here in Hunts Point back in the day. Jay and Chris Diaz got to dancing and then next thing we know PopMaster Fabel treated us to some poppin and locking. Jay and Chris tried to keep up but couldnt hang with Fabel. It was a classic dancefloor scene. Jay had us all dying of laughter with his wiggles.
The sun was beginning to come down but the energy in The South Bronx from that day will have the RDAC BX shining for a while.
A beautiful start to a fun summer season coming up!


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