Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The 2nd Annual RDAC BX Film Festival--May 21st, May 23rd -27th..


When? MAY 21st, May 23rd- May 27th....2010
All movies start at 730pmish.
Events from 7 to 10pm

Where? The South Bronx.
478 Austin Place
off of 149th and Bruckner....
6 train to E. 149th

What? A peoples film festival. Where hip hop meets politics and politics meet the South Bronx. We will have live post film performances and question and answer sessions with the directors...

All for Free!!!! Free!! Free!!

Friday May 21st.

"Xip Xop OaXaca"
(50 Minutes)

Hip Hop is alive and well today all over the world. This film is just another piece of evidence that by taking back identity, territory and community, Hip Hop can be part of a movement for hood liberation. In Oaxaca City, Mexico we see one more city in which young people continue to speak truth to power, through Hip Hop.
Directed by Simon Sedillo

Following the film there will be a Question and Answer session with the director.

And then a performance by HCP a Mexican Hip Hop crew

Film Trailer



Sunday May 23rd.

"El Regreso de Lencho" ( The Return of Lencho)

110 minutes

The film is based on a script written by Director Mario Rosales about a graffiti artist from Guatemala named Lencho Aguilar. Lencho lives in NY for 10 years and decides to go back to Guatemala. Lencho organizes an artists collective and also is doing research about the killing of his father, a journalist killed by the army in 1980. By doing so, Lencho becomes a target of a secret social cleansing program that the Guatemalan government has right now.

After ten years in New York pursuing an art career,

30-year-old graffiti artist Lorenzo 'Lencho' Aguilar finds

himself back in his native Guatemala. As he organizes

a collective of multidisciplinary artists to develop

community-based arts projects, painful and unresolved

memories from Lencho's past resurface and threaten

both his project and his life.

Recently fiction and reality collided, about a month ago the police killed the youngest member of the cast, Carlos Chacon (aka El Chino), a 17 yr old boy. He was shot 5 times after leaving a public school where he was teaching a Break dance workshop. Carlos was a rapper, b boy and graffiti artist.

The idea of the film is to bring attention to this situation in Guatemala, where the government labels the youth as gang members and no questions are ask about the violence against them, the media is completely censor by the state and actually they are also persecuting journalists again. So Guatemala is back to the violence of the 70's...

After the film we will have a Question and Answer Session with the director Mario Rosales...

Film Trailer:

This is the website of the film http://elregresodelencho.com/

Monday May 24th

Sin Nombre

96 minutes

Making its world premiere at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Sin Nombre is an epic dramatic thriller from award-winning director Cary Fukunaga.

Seeking the promise of America, a beautiful young Honduran woman, Sayra (Paulina Gaytan), joins her father and uncle on an odyssey to cross the gauntlet of the Latin American countryside en route to the United States. Along the way she crosses paths with a teenaged Mexican gang member, El Casper (Edgar M. Flores), who is maneuvering to outrun his violent past and elude his unforgiving former associates. Together they must rely on faith, trust and street smarts if they are to survive their increasingly perilous journey towards the hope of new lives.

After the movie we will have a Hip Hop performance by Honduran MC DeLaCeiba
and Salvadoreno MCs Reyes del Bajo Mundo!!!!

Film Trailer:


Tuesday May 25th

The Art of Love and Struggle
Running Time: 1:18

A film of passion, ³The Art of Love and Struggle² profiles twelve amazing women. Artists, singers, emcees, activists, poets and writers who come
together in an explosive exploration of feminine creation. Independently minded women with voices that must be heard, each lady brings to the screen her innermost struggles, in an attempt to outline the obstacles that face the female artist. Based in New York City, this journey is narrated by the mystical Smokifantastic, and navigates the challenges of poverty, politics and personal sacrifice. Exploring love, identity and urban culture, our film dives deep into the underground movement of female artistry and features:

* Raqiyah Mays (Editor and Chief of the Ave Magazine, Hot 97 DJ)
* Amanda Diva (MTV2 VJ, Def Poet)
* Helena D, Lewis (Def Poet)
* Claudia Alick (Def Poet)
* Elizabeth Mendez Berry (VIBE magazine, TIME magazine)
* Toni Blackman (Recording Artist, Hip Hop Ambassador US State Department)
* Nemesis (Underground Emcee)
* Denise De La Cruz (Reggae Singer)
* Vista (Performance artist)
* Kyana Brindle( Smokin Word Playwright, Poet and Actress)
* Rosa Clemente (Media Activist and co-founder of National Hip Hop Congress)

Directed and Produced by Jessica Habie, Eyes Infinite Films.
Edited by Melissa Ulto.

Soundtrack Composed by Spiritchild of Mental Notes.
See www.eyesinfinite.com for more info.

Afterwards there will be a Question and Answer Session with Rosa Clemente who is in the film and a special performance from SpiritChild who produced the soundtrack for the film.

Wednesday May 26th

Operation Small Axe

directed by Adimu Madyun

"Operation Small Axe" takes a raw and unflinching look at life under police terrorism in Oakland. Through the stories of Oscar Grant ,Lovelle Mixon and POCC Minister of information JR Valrey, the film focuses on the occupation of Oakland's communities of color by militarized and racist police forces. Oscar Grant was shot in the back and killed by Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer Johannes Mehserle on January 1st of this year. On March 21st, Lovelle Mixon was killed by Oakland police after having allegedly shot five OPD officers, killing four.

Following the film we will have a a Question and answer session with members of The POCC and a local showcase with MCs addressing the issue of Police Murder by Police Departments across the country and globe.

film trailer:


Thursday May 27th


This documentary is a work in progress by Jorge "Fabel" Pabon.

It takes us on a journey through the trials, tribulations and triumphs of NYC street gangs/families that celebrated urban culture, through artistic expression, prior to the advent of what we know as "Hip Hop culture". This documentary is a testament to the power of transforming negative energy to positive. "APACHE LINE: FROM GANGS TO HIP HOP" captures testimony from some of these folk heroes who reveal untold chapters of New York City's urban history. Urban folk heroes, legendary street families and Hip Hop icons such as: Afrika Bambaataa, Yellow Benjy from the Ghetto Brothers, the Black Spades, Savage Skulls, Ching A Ling Nomads MC, Savage Samurais, Renigades of Harlem, T.KID 170, INK 76 and many others share their trials and tribulations experienced during the transition from gang to Hip Hop culture. Former gang members describe how they fought for survival and a sense of identity. "APACHE LINE" gives us an insider's view of a place that time forgot. This documentary also focuses on accountability and encourages our youth to think critically about decisions they make. It represents the experiences of generations of Americans and many who continue to search for acceptance, love and a family.

After the film we will have a question and answer session with director Jorge "Fabel" Pabon

Film Trailer:


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