Friday, December 31, 2010

RodStarz: Top 5 Albums of 2010

As the year 2010 ends, I felt it was important to look back on the soundtrack to my year. I feel that what makes a great album are the memories you have that go along with it. How did that album make you feel? Did it make you feel inspired? stronger? happier? As an MC myself i dont listen to too much music and i def dont really listen to a lot of the garbage on the radio. Im blessed to be surrounded by talented peers and this year many of them put out dope projects that received heavy rotation on my boombox or ipod. So here are my top 5 albums/mixtapes of the year. Not in any order. Just my top 5.

1. Dead Prez and Dj Drama: Revolutionary but Gangsta Grillz

When this mixtape dropped we all went crazy at RDACBX. It dropped on their website for FREE!!! We were on our way to Detroit for the US Social Forum, and this joint was on 24/7 during that trip. "Marcus, Garvey, Huey" the joint they got with our BX family Divine of The Dey over that Beamer, Benz or Bentley instrumental became our anthem. We needed some Dead Prez in 2010 and I loved how they brought it over current beats. They flipped em! It was crazy how M1 takes his flow right back over Drake's "Over" beat, or how Stic Man single handedly made me stop smoking weed for 2 months with his verse over Gucci Manes "Wasted" beat. One of my favorite memories from 2010 was being on stage with them at the Black August concert jumpin around in my home made Marcus Garvey Huey shirt. All in all, Dead Prez continues to show us how to live healthy and be bout it with our politics.

2.Nneka- Concrete Jungle

I was put on to NNeka by my peeps Circa 95. Theyre alway puttin me on new shit! But when Rephstar showed me Nneka's video for "Walkin" I was floored. Immediately I went home and researched her online. I found her video for "Heartbeat" and for the next 3 months I bumped that track everyday. Ill never forget after a CIRCA 95 BBQ how we all danced at RDACBX to that song on repeat for like 15 minutes. One of my biggest frustrations this year was not being able to catch her at SXSW. I still havent been able to see her live and have that as one of my things to do in 2011.

3. Ana Tijoux: 1977

Ana is our sister. Our parents were both political prisoners together under the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. In the beginning of the year, while we were touring in Chile, Ana spoke to me about being her hype man for her US tour. She had signed to Nacional Records and was about to make her U.S. debut. I had a month to memorize her lyrics yet waited until the last week to get ready. I listened to this album 30X a day for that one week! I love this album. Producers Hordatoj and Foex brought it hard with the production!! This shows us how crazy talented the Hip Hop scene in Chile is. Ana's flow is like no others. Its like another instrument playing along with the beat. Apparently the Grammys agree. 1977 was nominated as Best Latin Alternative, Rock or Urban Album.

4. YC the Cynic- You're Welcome

YC is my little brother. I met him on my block like 4 years ago when i first moved to Hunts Point. I have seen him grow and become the super dope lyrical monster MC that he is. He recorded most of it at the RDACBX studio, so i had a sneak preview to the process. I also got to guest star on a track along with Hipnotic. If you havent heard YC, you need too. His wordplay is crazy. The fact he chose a lot of 90s classic beats to rock over only makes me appreciate this more. I know this is my shit cuz i know all the lyrics. I remember bumpin this on repeat in the RDACBX van while we played ball in the street. It was the soundtrack to many street bball games.YC had us all feelin like Superman with this mixtape and we cant wait to hear more!

5. The Reminders:

Im not sure when this album dropped and i dont care. I heard it this year and this is my shit! I bumped this album non stop year round. I met Big Samir and Aja Black while we were in Denver doing shows. Not only do i love their music but they are a beautiful family and wonderful people. Ill never forget watchin their cute little ones dancing on stage with them as they performed my joint " Black Roses" at an RDACBX BBQ we had. One of my goals for 2011 is to record a track with them, until then ill be bumping their album.

Friday, December 24, 2010



"Happy Holidays to all of my family, friends, and fans. This song "Crush" is very special to me. I have been performing it for the past 4 1/2 years as a member of Rebel Diaz. I never imagined filming a music video for this song, let alone shooting it in my hood "Humboldt Park aka Paseo Boricua" in Chicago. Now the world can see my beautiful hood who has worked so hard to make sure that we as Boricua youth never lose sight of our culture and how important real education is. I want to thank everyone who took interest in making this video a reality and for believing in my talents. Special shout outs to God, Las 7 Potencias Africanas, Mami, Papi, Bebo, Jeannie, Kandy, Irene, AJ, Cristian, Isabella, Julian, Diego, Juaquin, RodStarz, G1, Intikana, Billy Sanabria, Lil "O", Big "O", Janeida Rivera aka The Queen'a HP, Myra Rodriguez, Letticia Soto, Awilda Lyse, Lil Julia, Mia Jenkins aka "Lil Tere" and her mom Elisa Ortiz, John Vergara for his murals and artwork all over the video, Luquillo Barbershop, Botanica Victoria, Roberto Clemente High School, Dawn and Vanessa Massas and family, and Lizzy Medina. HUMBOLDT PARK NO SE VENDE! I will always represent where I am from Chi-City!!!!!"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lah Tere- CRUSH- Video Shoot...

So last month, we had the chance to finally shoot a music video for Lah Tere's classic song "Crush". Intikana of RDACBX came thru from NYC to film and direct the video. We did mad different shots throughout Lah's old stomping grounds in Humboldt Park, as well as being blessed with rooftop access with a view of Chi Citys beautiful skyline.Big ups to our homey Billys older brother Jorge for allowing us up there. All in all we had a dope time doing it and from what it looks like the video will be just as dope as the song. It will be available this week on Christmas Eve. If you havent heard Crush check it out below. Peace!

Set The Record Straight. Intikana and Dj Charlie Hustle ft. Rebel Diaz

"Set The Record Straight" is a new joint from Intikana and DJ Charlie Hustle's project "The Master Cleanse", if youre a fan of Lah Tere's flow you will love this song. She goes absolutely bonkers on this!!!

Download this for free at:

From the Bronx to Milwaukee, Chile to Chi City we be Holdin it Down!

SHUT DOWN THE SOA! by Karla Rodriguez

On the weekend of November 19-21, 2010, people from all over the U.S. gathered at Fort Benning, Georgia to demand-- through peaceful protest-- that the U.S. government shut down the School of the Americas, recently renamed, The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. Many of this school's graduates have committed some of the most heinous human rights offenses in the world.
RDACBX and our fam Da Urban Butterflies took 15 folks out there from NYC. Rev. Claudia de La Cruz from DUB and RDACBX was a featured speaker throughout the events, due to her work with La Iglesia San Romero de Las Americas, and Rebel Diaz, IntiKana and Dj Charlei Hustle brought the cultural entertainment throughout the weekend. As you see in the video, one of the more memorable moments was the fact that Mario Venegas, G1 and RodStarz father spoke as well. He is a survivor of torture, as he was a political prisoner under the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. He was tortured by SOA trained Chilean military officers.
RDACBX member Karla Rodriguez threw down and filmed and edited this video for a project she did while getting her Masters degree at The New School. Fresh!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Datura Stramonium: Kalae All Day ft. YC the Cynic

Kalae All Day ft. YC The Cynic. Off of the "Past Times and Crass Lines" mixtape, dropping on February 15th

Mr. Brown : YC the Cynic ft Sene

The song is called Mr. Brown. It features Sene, and is produced by the 2 Hungry bros. Its the first single off of Fall FWD (The Mixtape), which will drop at the top of the year.
Recorded and mixed by G1 of Rebel Diaz!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ladies Love Project Pop Up Shop A Success!!!

Check out some shots taken at The Ladies Love Project this last weekend. Big ups to our very own Patty Dukes and to our sister TooFly for putting on such a dope event.... Look out for more pop up shops like this coming to RDACBX next year! Peace!

Photos by B FRESH Photography and Media |

RDACBX gets the Union Square Arts Award


Check out footage of RDACBX receiving the Union Square Arts Award. Dope speech by G1 of Rebel Diaz..

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ladies Love Project Pop Up Shop


The Union Square Arts Award recognizes the central leadership role played by arts and culture in providing educational opportunities for young people, building collaboration and promoting social change. The Award supports organizations working with youth and families in low-income communities across New York City in all artistic disciplines: Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Theater, Visual and Media Arts.

Arts Award recipients are innovators motivated by a passion for the arts and social justice. They have created new possibilities for young people, built groundbreaking programs, and revitalized communities. Each Arts Award consists of a grant up to $35,000 comprehensive technical assistance, and the opportunity to apply for regrants to help build long-term organizational sustainability and community engagement. Recipient organizations are less than ten-years-old with annual operating budgets under $1 million.
In 2010 the Union Square Arts Award recognized seven organizations.

Haiti Cultural Exchange
Hester Street Collaborative
Maysles Institute
Pachamama Peruvian Arts
People’s Theatre Project
Purelements: An Evolution in Dance
Rebel Diaz Arts Collective

RDACBX Performs at SOA Protests in Fort Benning, GA

IntiKana and Dj Charlie Hustle drop their new EP. Master Cleanse!!

MASTER CLEANSE is the anti-thesis to oppression. It originates from the need for long awaited change. It is the cleansing of our spirits in alignment with our purpose. It is unforgiving truth and pure love combating disillusioning lies and boundless hatred. The ultimate sacrifice in cleansing from our "masters" or oppressors. It is the slave lynching the master. The fire illuminating eternal darkness. The restoration of independence, dignity, and true revolution. It is the ancestors communicating visions through symbols and scripture, while providing tools with which to translate them. Forever redefining the role of an MC (Master of Ceremonies) as the chosen facilitator. The lyrics and logic of liberation.

*Immediate download of 11-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.*
Buy Now $6 USD

Rebel Diaz- "Libertad" (Official Music Video HD

Official music video for Rebel Diaz single "Libertad", filmed in Santiago, Chile. Produced by Artefacto Visual.

Anita Tijoux rockin live at RDACBX

FROM NY TO DETROIT: 2010 US Social Forum

FROM NY TO DETROIT: 2010 US Social Forum from RDAC BX on Vimeo.

On June 20-27, 2010, RDAC BX and Da Urban Butterflies traveled out to Detroit for the 2010 US Social Forum. With 2 vans packed with a full sound system and 20 dedicated artists, educators, and activists, this 26 minute Short Documentary entitled "FROM NY TO DETROIT: 2010 US Social Forum" chronicles a week long of unforgettable experiences that not only changed their lives but also bonded them together in a way that they didn't expect. From 8 performances in 6 days, painting a free mural in SW Detroit, conducting internationally televised interviews, to powerful protests and heated encounters with police/security, two organizations seeking social justice find refuge in not only affecting each other, but an entire community.

Rebel Diaz talks about the state of Hip Hop from the US Social Forum.

Rebel Diaz talks about the state of Hip Hop from the US Social Forum on John's Doe Main!

HipHop Hijack

HipHop Hijack from AstralJester on Vimeo.

HipHop has been hijacked by global corporations, including the US government, fronted by Barack Obama. Professor Griff, minister of information from Public Enemy, examines the relationship between HipHop and US president Obama.
Featuring (in order of appearance) :
Barack Obama
Kool Herc
Professor Griff
Busta Rhymes
Dead Prez
Rebel Diaz
Stic. man
Russ Simmons
Kanye West
P. Diddy
Doug E. Fresh
Ice Cube
Lupe Fiasco
Damon Dash
Chuck D
Will I. Am
Snoop Dogg
50 Cent
Quest Love
Kurtis Blow
Bun B
Melle Mel
Mistah F. A. B.
Young Buck
Killer Mike
Green Lantern
Will Smith
Luke Campbell
T. I.
Big Block
Soulja Boy
Foxy Brown
LL Cool J
DJ Drama
Rick Ross
Talib Kweli
The Game
David Icke
Flavor Flav
Why G
Dr. Shaka Zulu
Black Dot

Teaching for Social Justice from the Ground Up

We are very excited that this November 20, 2010 will be the 10th Annual Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair, co-sponsored by Rethinking Schools. This year's theme is "Another Education is Possible, Another World is Necessary!"

In "science fair" format, and completely grassroots volunteer-organized, the Curriculum Fair will provide over 600 educators, activists, parents, youth & community members with a space to share curricula, resources, and inspiration. We'll be making friends & building relationships, exploring ideas & projects, connecting our histories & struggles. All in a spirit of social justice and education for liberation.

Video music by the DJ Limbms, Gil Scott Heron, Jurassic 5, Rebel Diaz. Some photo by Sarah Ji

Teaching for Social Justice from the Ground Up from Teachers for Social Justice on Vimeo.

Life is Living: Chicago

Life Is Living :: Chicago

Taking place as part of Brave New Voices 2009, this year's Festival is presented in collaboration with Chicago's Kuumba Lynx.

Featuring: B-Girl/B-Boy battles, Freshest Footworker, Tightest Trick Skateboard Competition, The Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle, Baddest Burner, Soccer & B-ball Tournaments, and SPEAK OUT Offernda.

With performances by: Pharoah Monch, Rebel Diaz, Saul Williams, Kuumba Lynx Performance Ensemble, FootworKINGz, BNV Green Team, Peace Poets, Solar 5, FM Supreme, Purpose of Life, Theaster Gates, UPLIFT HS marching band.

And educational activities, including: Eco-education w/The Chicago Botanic Garden, Mosaic Art making w/Beacon Street Gallery, HIV testing w/American Indian Health Service of Chicago, Recycled Art w/Little Black Pearl, Guerilla Theater w/Kuumba Lynx, Live murals & stencil art w/Connect Force, and a mobile recording studio w/INFERNO

Life Is Living :: Chicago, IL from MVMT on Vimeo.

Y.C. the Cynic Performing @ SOB's Pt.3

Coming from Hunts Point, in the South Bronx, YC feels the need to bring more of the Hip-Hop scene back to its birthplace. He intends to do just that, while bettering his community as part of the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective. Lyrically, you don't hear many people that put in as much effort. He has been rhyming before he hit double digits in age. He has already developed a polished delivery, equipped with an unusually large vocabulary, an infectious energy, and a refreshing obsession with detail that makes for entertaining shows, songs, and ciphers. In under a year, YC has performed all over New York City, proving himself to Hip-Hop enthusiasts and pessimists alike. He is determined to be widely considered one of the best emcees ever to grace a microphone, and even though he has a long way to go, YC the Cynic knows the joy is in the journey. So, let the games begin

Y.C. the Cynic Performing @ SOB's Pt.3 from on Vimeo.

Based in the South Bronx, we meet the members of the hip-hop group Rebel Diaz, who will open the doors to their socio-cultural and political project i

Circa 95 w/ Styles P & Rebel Diaz at Lehman College

All I Want Is You (People's Remix) - Rodstarz of Rebel Diaz and Baron of Red Clay