Richie Perez Radical Library

The Richie Perez Radical Library, an education and literacy initiative of the RDACBX, hosts weekly reading circles and political education workshops. Check out our 'What's Happening' calendar for Summer 2014 schedule of events, readings and workshops at the Richie Perez Radical Library.

The RDACBX Richie Perez Radical Library holds educational activities promoting critical, strategic and visionary thinking towards a society that is creative, truly democratic, equitable and free. Through study circles, we encourage community members to read books relevant to their realities and that of our communities, as we analyze, challenge and deconstruct systems of oppression, including but not limited to capitalism, sexism, heterosexism and racism amongst others. We seek to make this space a resource available to schools, organizations, and community members at large to reclaim education and reaffirm the people's histories, struggles, movements and identities.   

The RDACBX began the process of establishing the Richie Perez Radical Library in July 2012 in conjunction with Sky Cohen from BlueStockings Bookstore. In the last 6 months, RDACBX has been able to collect over 350 donated books on topics related to Latin American history, Black history, gender studies, politics, feminism, literature and more. We have also raised more than $1000 to aid the development of our infrastructure, particularly space development that can support RDAC's housing of the library. On February 10, 2013 RDAC-BX formally announced the development of the Richie Perez Radical Librabry and was featured in El Diario La Prensa, DNAinfo and other media outlets. In additon, we have established relationships with local high schools and will host school visits to the library starting in the fall 2013.

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