Sunday, July 12, 2009

RDAC co-sponsors Block Party at Community Garden!

This past Saturday, RDAC sponsored the 3rd annual Can't Stop the Rock Freedom Festival at the Rock Garden in the Bronx.  We were blessed with local youth community-oriented Hip Hop, poetry and vocal performances by groups such as Circa '95, BRIO award winner Don Knots and his WACO Division crew, among others. The sun was shining, we had free food for everyone on the block, and both young and old danced until the sunset. Special thanks to the Rock Garden, The Little Green Garden, and La Peña del Bronx for their support!

Sam Greenlee at RDAC!

We were blessed to have brother Sam Greenlee at a screening of his classic 70s movie, The Spook Who Sat by the Door, at RDAC. Dozens of community folk came to see the film, some for the first time and some who are familiar with the classic, and just wanted to have a chance to speak with the legendary author and moviemaker. Among other comments regarding filmmaking and the role of Hip Hop in community empowerment, Brother Greenlee commented, "My movie effectively ended the Blaxploitation era in Hollywood..." Word.