Friday, December 3, 2010

Teaching for Social Justice from the Ground Up

We are very excited that this November 20, 2010 will be the 10th Annual Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair, co-sponsored by Rethinking Schools. This year's theme is "Another Education is Possible, Another World is Necessary!"

In "science fair" format, and completely grassroots volunteer-organized, the Curriculum Fair will provide over 600 educators, activists, parents, youth & community members with a space to share curricula, resources, and inspiration. We'll be making friends & building relationships, exploring ideas & projects, connecting our histories & struggles. All in a spirit of social justice and education for liberation.

Video music by the DJ Limbms, Gil Scott Heron, Jurassic 5, Rebel Diaz. Some photo by Sarah Ji

Teaching for Social Justice from the Ground Up from Teachers for Social Justice on Vimeo.

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