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The Top 10 RDACBX Moments of 2012

The Top 10 RDACBX Moments of 2012:

10.  The Space Looks Dope!

Anybody that has visited us at The RDACBX  knows that we always change the space around and keep it fresh and new. This year our Space Committee was out there working in full force! They completed the building of the Nuestra America Media Center, changed the front area by building The RDACBX store and also building a storage room. By building a storage room in the front, we were also able to open up space  in the back for Studio B, which is a smaller pre-production studio room. In 2013, we look forward to having the RDACBX store in full motion, as we look to increase self sustainability and provide our peoples with all The RDACBX clothing and merchandise they need. We will also have all of our artists music available at the shows.  The Nuestra America Media Center is referred to by many as our “War Room,” which is where we meet every Monday, where folks can do individual media work and where our Media Workshops will be going down in 2013.  The work put in in 2012 in our space sets the stage for a much improved RDACBX in 2013. Big Shouts to G1, DJ Charlie Hustle, Dj Illanoiz and the rest of the crew for putting in that work.

9. YC the Cynic and RodStarz of Rebel Diaz win BRIO Awards: Bronx Recognizes Its Own Awards!  

We are proud to say that  since we have been around as an organization we have always had an RDACBX member win The BRIO Award. The BRIO Award is an annual award and $3000 grant given out by The Bronx Council on The Arts . The categories include Literary Arts, Media Arts, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. In years past, we had Patty Dukes,  June from WACO Division, and Dasic Fernandez all win the award. This year we continued that tradition but we raised the bar a bit. We had 2 winners from the crew. We first got word of YC the Cynic receiving notice that he had won. I myself had submitted for the 3rd year in a row and was convinced I didn’t stand a chance. However, I got the call a couple days later, that I had also won.  So Pow! Lets see how many we get this year. We hope to keep the streak alive.

8. Residente Calle 13 wears the No Human Being Is Illegal T Shirt while performing at Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park…

This is a classic example of how art can travel thru many worlds. In this case we had the No Human Being Is Illegal mural done on the roof of The RDACBX by muralist Dasic Fernandez and the RDACBX crew go from a wall to a t-shirt to The New York Times. Rebel Diaz had the chance to perform with Ana Tijoux before Calle 13 at The Celebrate Brooklyn Festival at Prospect Park. The show was packed to capacity with more than 8000 people in attendance. We were backstage after our set and Calle 13 strolls in with his massive 50 person entourage. I had planned this moment and had his medium shirt ready to go, as he strolled past me, I reached around his 6ft5 bodyguard and tapped him on the shoulder. His bodyguard immediately stopped me, but Residente was cool and told him it was cool. I told the brother his music was dope and that I thought he would like the message on the shirt. He was cool I gave him the shirt and  a pound and kept it moving. 5 minutes later he hits the stage rockin' the No Human Being Is Illegal t-shirt. The crowd goes wild!  The show was epic and the next day there was a write up on it in the NY Times. The first line in the article said…”No Human Being is Illegal read the t-shirt worn by Residente..” Pow. From a rooftop wall in The South Bronx to the NY Times Headlines our message was getting out there.

7. YC the Cynic performs at Duck Down Summerstage show in Brooklyn.. 

One of the illest memories I have of this summer is when the whole RDACBX camp went out to support our brothers YC the Cynic and DJ Charlie Hustle.  The weather was crazy that day and the night had the ill rainbow.  Maybe the weather gave us a hint that this wasn’t going to be your everyday normal Summerstage event. It was like a family BBQ, with the free hot dogs and burgers to go with it. A family Hip Hop event in the heart of Brownsville, in the hood that most of the legendary Duck Down roster grew up in. I found myself standing next to Buckshots family, and Rockness Monsta from Heltah Skeltah’s mom. YC opened up the show and killed his set. Blog writers would later talk about how he had his whole hood there. Truth be told he really did. We were mobbin'. ProEra rocked next and little did many of us know it would be the first and last time we saw Capital Steez (RIP) perform along with quickly rising MC Joey BadA$$. Sean P came next and killed it talking bout how he don’t like the kids! Haha. Next was the whole Bootcamp Click roster, Smiff n Wessun rocked as usual, and then Buckshot with his daughter on his shoulders followed by  Masta Ace who came out for Crooklyn Dodgers to top it all off.  The show was dope! Of course, since we were 25 deep we had a run in with the police on the way out. We felt like The Warriors on our long journey home but that night brought the whole crew together closer as fam.

6. The New Membership: 2012


Kay Kay
Chief 69

Dayv Cino
6. The New Membership: 2012 was the year that the RDACBX has gained its most members. We more than doubled in size this year. We brought in 10 new members!!!! All of them very unique and talented and bringing different elements and skills to the table. The crew got stronger. Lets introduce them:

Grammy Luss
Kay Kay
MC Elijah Black
Dayv Cino
Shell Sneed
Chief 69
Lu Medina

Grammy Luss, Shell Sneed, Philoz, Vithym and MC Elijah Black

5. Student Power Convergence in Columbus, Ohio_

From Aug11-14th, the RDACBX invaded the city of Columbus Ohio to take part in the National Student Power Convergence. The student gathering was inspired by the student movements going on from all over  the world to here at home from Chile to Montreal. There was thousands of students from all over that came together to unite struggles across borders and have a broader movement for peace and justice. We went out there like 15 of us and performed and participated in workshops. We played basketball, performed, shouted out our political beliefs during a reform oriented workshop, and took care of the cultural component by rockin out Saturday night. Grammy Luss had the crowd doing the Soul Train line, Philoz and VI had the crowd jumpin up and down, and we had the crowd rockin out with us to end the set. Dj Charlie Hustle and DJ Illanoiz kept the party going until late as the students had fun after a long weekend of workshops and panels. 

4.Occupy The DOJ for Mumia Abu Jamal in Washington DC:
In April of this year we were invited by Occupy The Hood to perform and participate at The Occupy The DOJ event and Birthday Celebration for long time political prisoner and freedom fighter Mumia Abu Jamal. I remember speaking to Malik from OTH and he kept asking me if I was sure I was gonna bring 15 people, I told him I was sure and next thing we are 15 deep at the bus stop in Penn Station with Chief 69 breakdancin on the sidewalk and all of us cheering him on. We took that Bronx energy to the nations capital and rocked out for Mumia Abu Jamal. 

After performing for the people and crowd we hit the streets demanding Freedom For Mumia Abu Jamal. We will never forget marching in front of the White House with M1 of Dead Prez and Chuck D of Public Enemy with us chanting “Obama Come Out We Got Some Shit to Talk About!!” Powerful stuff.

3. RDACBX at The DNC in Charlotte, North Carolina

This year we traveled more than any other year as a whole collective. Our last trip was out to Charlotte, NC for the Democratic National Convention which ironically is the home of Bank of America. The protests were called a March on  Wall Street South.  We were invited  there to perform by The Festival Liberacion which was a dope gathering which consisted of workshops, panels and performances. It took place at Area 15, which is an amazing collective art space in Charlotte. This is also the time we caught all the heat for our Fidel Castro shirts which the comrades from MalaandMental designed. It was powerful to march with the people, especially the Immigrant youth and families who later were arrested. Besides how could we not include this event just off the memory of 6’4 Shell Sneed walking over to a 6’3 Charlotte cop and defiantly looking at him face to face, sizing him up, takin a step closer while he takes off his hat and saying: im taller than you. Can we include this on this list. Classic.

2. Boogie Mics 1 Year Anniversary: Say Boogie Mics!!!! Every 1st Friday for the last year at The RDACBX, John Mega and Warren Britt scream that out to what now has become about a steady 100-150 kids a month. Could we have the illest open mic in the city now???? Who knows? But what we do know is that kids are hungry to perform and rhyme and we are still able to provide a safe space for them to do that. We have seen artists grow from inexperienced youngins to seasoned performers. We saw the 3 award sweep by Deshawn Supreme, the rise of The Appolyions, or young teenage upstarts like Tony Vegas. Its our strongest and steadiest event and we only hope to keep makin it better. Shouts to DJ Illanoiz and Dj Charlie Hustle for holding down the 1s and 2s.

1. South By South Bronx: SXSBX Hip Hop Festival

1. South By South Bronx Hip Hop Festival : SXSBX
SXSBX is the largest event RDACBX has ever put on. Looking back, to quote  my brother Vithym, EPIC. Are you kidding me? DJ Kool Herc and Cindy Campbell. Afrika Bambaataa. DJ Grand Wizard Theodore. Grandmaster Caz, Sadat X, The Workshops!, Flaco Navaja , la Bruja, Circa 95, The Workshops!!! The BBoys, The BGirls, Lava 1 and 2 doin our backdrop. C Rayz Wallz holding Baby Bronx and performing Craazy with us. So many dope moments! RDACBX lookin like a Young Wu Tang mobbin on stage. The Workshops!!! It was a 2 day Hip Hop Festival for and by the people. Guess what?? Pt. 2 Coming Next Year!!!!! We sayin it now we are tryna get KRS ONE!!!!!! So fingers crossed and until next year yall !!! Peace. 

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