Sunday, October 14, 2012

37th anniversary of TBB (The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew)

 October 6th-7th the RDAC-BX was proud to play host and take part in the 37th anniversary of TBB ( The Bronx boys rocking crew). TBB is one of the True Original Bboy Crews of the early/mid 70s when HIP HOP was still in its inception and many of the early TBB members played pivotal roles in the foundation and evolutionary process for the art of Bboying/Bgirling. RDAC-BX was packed with die-hard TBB members and chapters from all across the globe as well as backed with the love, respect and humble support of close family and friends. Bboy and Rocking legends shared the dance floor with the striving Bboy youth of today and everyone enjoyed themselves with the music, artwork, conversation and connections that were made. It was truly an honor and privilege to be a part of TBB's celebration. All of us here at RDAC-BX hope to see more support from the NYC Bboy community at our future Jams...and again we want to congratulate TBB on another year to spread positivity in all of its forms to the many people across the globe...PEACE!!!....written by Nelson "CHIEF69" Seda

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