Friday, September 7, 2012

MC Elijah Black Release New Ep: Futuristic Negro

When most of us hear the word futuristic, we think of technology, gadgets, flying cars, etc. But what about the real future of humans? Mental and spiritual advancement. The Futuristic Negro is the true advanced human being. He finds himself constantly fighting off evils of the world, which try to stop his mental and spiritual growth. Take a journey through the mind of the Futuristic Negro on this 9 track EP. credits released 29 May 2012 Production by Lone, The Underachievers, SoulChef, Maxx Scian, Batsauce, KVZE, OffbeatKid, and Manifes. Recorded by J Free at The Rebel Diaz Arts Collective Mixed by Manifes ( ) Special thanks to The Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, Manifes, Negros Americanos, SoSoon, Deshawn Supreme, and Lateef Dameer! tags

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