Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FREE MUMIA 2012 mural on RDACBX Rooftop...

Check out the finished: Free Mumia 2012 mural we did on the RDACBX rooftop. After a really empowering and inspirational trip to Washington DC for the Occupy the Department of Justice action on April 24th, the RDACBX crew felt it would be important to do a mural that represented our feelings of wanting to spread the message to Free Mumia Abu Jamal.It was a group decision to make this mural happen. The lead artist responsible for the outline and spacing of the letters was RDACBX member and popular BBBoy Chief 69. So much props to him on his first mural of this magnitude.Much love to DJ Illanoiz, YC the Cynic, G1, RodStarz, Imani of Insyte Photography, Brian, Kay Kay, Dayv Cino of Mala and Mental for contributing to the painting and completion of the mural. Thanks to Bronx Artist Vicky Ayress for letting us use the scaffolding necessary to finish a mural of this size. The mural is about 70 ft wide and 12 ft tall. This is the view from the Bruckner Expressway...The reason we put up Free Mumia 2012, is to do a play with words on that KONY 2012, CIA campaign. This is a peoples campaign and we need to Free Mumia Now in 2012!!!

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