Tuesday, March 27, 2012

American Nitemare- New Music Video from Rebel Diaz

A while back, Rebel Diaz was in Detroit and linked up with Dj Dez Andres who laced them with this super dope beat. The result is American Nitemare, a track which was featured on the critically acclaimed Occupy The Airwaves MIxtape. This video came together with Chicago based crew Windy City of God and Director Mateo Zapata who agreed to get down on this project. The reality is that most of the people from our communities along with the rest of the country, were sold a false sense of hope in 2008, under the assumption that Barack Obama would be the peoples savior. We are clear that that Hope was actually a Hoax. With issues like foreclosures, the Wall Street bail out, police violence, gentrification, attacks on immigrants and the privatization of education at an all time high we can see the effects it has on poor and working class communities. The sad reality is that most people are not living The American Dream, rather, an American Nitemare.

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