Monday, February 20, 2012

Stop! Stop and Frisk ( Rebel Diaz, Vithym and Luss)

As you may have heard in The Bronx there was 18 yr. old Rahmarley Graham, an unarmed young man killed by the NYPD in his own home, as well as a 19 yr. old Jatiek Reed, that was brutalized by the NYPD in front of his building. These 2 cases are not isolated as we see them to be part of the larger problem of systematic police brutality and misconduct. We see these events as a result of these Stop and Frisk policies being implemented in our community. Statistics have shown that they do not work in actually stopping crime, yet they continue to give orders for Officers to practice them. The RDACBX ( Rebel DIaz Arts Collective) is a HIp Hop community center in The South Bronx that aims to build community thru the arts, we felt it was importnat to speak up. Check out the response to these attacks in Stop! Stop and Frisk!- by Rebel Diaz, Vithym and Luss of The RDACBX.

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