Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We the 99% by Rebel Diaz. Produced by DJ Illanoiz

When Dj Illanoiz first played this beat, the words just came to us right away, that soulful intro was a perfect lead into the song, as we truly see that this generation is inspiring young people to hit the streets.

Being part of the 99% can be a tricky thing. That does not mean that we all share the same struggle, that we are all on the same playing field. Some of the 99% have had access to education and complain of student loans, some are undocumented and never been able to study, some perhaps dropped out cuz conditions in their lives led to not even finishing high school, some experience white privilege and haven't yet acknowledged it, some are experiencing for the first time the lack of access that others have felt forever, either way if we can join and dialogue and build a movement against these rich bankers, then let's do it! We the 99%!

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