Monday, March 7, 2011

4 Burners: Pieces out the RDACBX!!

Check out the finished product! Big ups to 4 Burners for coming thru and wrecking shop at RDACBX this last month. The murals were organized by resident RDACBX artist Dasic Fernandez. He brought Sen2, Deep, Logek, Rubin and Owns from 4 Burners. They were also joined by Cern from YMI crew and Cekis, the acclaimed Chilean artist. The murals were done after the RDACBX membership was consulted. They were asked to come up with 5 letter words that represented the work of the RDACBX. The words they came up with were Power, Live, Free, Music, Paz, and Bronx. For more info on the artists check out:

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